Tech Tools That Can Help Your Small Business Grow

(NewsUSA) – Since 1963, the president has proclaimed one week out of the year as National Small Business Week, recognizing the contributions of small U.S. businesses to our national economy. This year, the week of May 5 through May 11 will recognize entrepreneurship and innovation. To help celebrate the week, Marc Saltzman, business technology expert, […]

Rise of Digital Wallets and Mobile Payments

(NewsUSA) – More businesses and countries worldwide are embracing digital payments as a way to make e-commerce more efficient and create a smoother transaction experience for consumers. Digital wallets, such as uBUCK, offer a dollar-backed stable token built on Waves blockchain technology, one of the fastest blockchains available. uBUCK’s technology allows for the management of […]

How Your Business Can Survive The Coronavirus

(NewsUSA) – As the world has hit the metaphorical panic button during the rise of Coronavirus (Covid-19) cases worldwide, the daily reality for people and businesses is rapidly changing. Practically overnight, businesses have been forced out of the comfort zone of face-to-face contact, now having to heavily rely on digital platforms. Businesses, especially, are struggling […]

Boost Your Business in A Digital Environment

(NewsUSA) – Now more than ever, businesses need to explore how to best serve their customers in the digital marketplace. That means finding ways to stay relevant and keep their audiences engaged. A professional development webinar series from the National Kitchen & Bath Association shows businesses how to develop and maintain a strong online presence. […]

Small Business Digital Strategies

(NewsUSA) – Now more than ever, building relationships is important to small businesses so they can compete in the global marketplace. The Smart Money Network is a community of digital marketing experts whose mission is to support entrepreneurs as they grow their businesses, especially in the new and increasingly online economy. Having a partner to […]

5 Tips to Protect Your Home Network

(BPT) – Being home 100% of the time has become the new norm for many Americans, as social distancing is implemented in communities across the country to slow the rapidly spreading COVID-19 pandemic. Connected devices are being used virtually nonstop, as the homebound stream shows to binge watch and video chat with friends to help […]

Make The Most of Online Learning

(BPT) – The flexibility to learn and earn a degree online allows students nationwide — from full-time employees to single parents and more — to achieve goals while managing family and life. Millions of students study online today, and those numbers are only increasing. While online education provides students with a range of opportunities, it […]